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Family law covers some of the most sensitive, emotionally loaded, and high-stakes legal interactions a person might have in their life. These cases can often be very hard on the people who are going through them, as they often represent turbulent life changes and emotional arguments, decisions, and compromises.

There’s nothing more important than keeping your body, heart, and mind and those of your loved ones as safe as possible. Pursuing cases through the family law process—whether they are separations/divorces, custody matters, domestic violence cases, or something else altogether—can often feel at odds with maintaining your personal health and safety. With all the stress and emotional pain that is often involved—not to mention the financial strain—it can seem like the family law process is out to make your life worse, rather than making it better.

While this feeling is totally understandable, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right family law attorney, your family law case can be as quick, painless, and cooperative as possible. People going through family law cases need an attorney who is ready to be their confidante as well as their advocate, to facilitate the process in a way that is as conflict-free as possible and to truly understand what they are going through.

In Richmond, VA, that sort of attorney can be found in Shameka Harris and the staff at Trustice, LLC.

Who Is Attorney Shameka Harris?

Attorney Harris is an experienced, knowledgeable family law and criminal justice attorney who has been serving the Richmond, VA community for over 15 years. A graduate of Old Dominion University and the Louisiana State University Paul H. Herbert Law Center, Attorney Harris is a dedicated, truly empathetic advocate for her clients who is informed by lived experience and a deep body of legal knowledge.

No family law attorney can guarantee you a good outcome, but Attorney Harris makes a dual promise to her clients: that she will provide them with the best representation possible throughout their case, and that she will be there to help them through thick and thin.

How Can Attorney Harris And Trustice, LLC Help Me?

Attorney Harris and Trustice offer a full suite of family law services in Richmond, VA. This includes:

  • Divorce And Legal Separation: Divorce is simply a fact of life. Sometimes married people—even those with the best intentions—reach an impasse and cannot move forward with their marriage. Like marriages, divorces can run a wide gamut between relatively easy and pain-free and complicated and contentious. Attorney Harris has ample experience representing clients through every kind of divorce, and is deeply familiar with the Richmond, VA divorce process. She will ensure that your experience is as easy as the situation allows, with the best outcome possible.
  • Child Custody And Visitation: Child custody and visitation matters are often incredibly high stakes, both emotionally and practically. The decisions made in these cases affect the lives of everyone involved—especially the children. Attorney Harris offers empathetic but tenacious client advocacy in child custody matters, and will help make sure that the children get the best possible outcome for their health and happiness.
  • Child Support And Spousal Support: In these often complex financial matters, you need an attorney who knows the law and who can properly navigate it on your behalf. Attorney Harris has handled many child support and spousal support cases, and knows what it takes to get all parties to a fair outcome they can all live with.

Family law cases can be incredibly difficult and looking for the right attorney on top of all of that can seem overwhelming. However, there is help, right at the other end of the phone. Are you or a loved one looking for an outstanding family law attorney in Richmond, VA? Call Attorney Shameka Harris and Trustice, LLC today for an initial consultation on your case.

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