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“I thought she provided really good counsel throughout the process. She kept things on track. I was very pleased with her and her counsel.”

– Jim B.

“Shameka is awesome! She’s like a little pit bull with her approach! She’s been going above and beyond my expectations. My daughter even made her cupcakes.”

– Gene H.

“I hired Shameka and the results are outstanding. It was a long process but Shameka was there every step of the way. I am confident that Shameka will provide you with the very best assistance you can get.”

– Jim

“I was in the biggest battle of my life. My kids, my home, my future were all at stake. I needed and found a hero. Shameka knows the law, she listens, she has a stellar para legal Christy, and she has the experience I needed to win my case. I will be forever grateful for all she and her firm did for me. If you want a fighter in the court room with caring heart, you need Shameka!”

– Matt

“Mrs. Hall I would like to personality thank you for helping my family threw a tough time in our life, by being there supporting us in all of our endeavors. Without your help our situation could of turned out bad causing our family to be split up. So once again I thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to my family. Without you I could of lost so much more. Sending love and appreciation from my family to yours.”

– Desiree

“Shameka is by far the epitome of a true caring lawyer is. She is tenacious and a real go getter in the courtroom. She is a awesome advocate for the single dad. She helped me deal with my divorce and my two children. Anyone needing an attorney, look no further.”

– A Satisfied Client

“Shameka Hall was a great attorney with Cordell and Cordell. The firm is a bit expensive but well worth the money spent. Ms Hall generally cared about me, my case, and my family. She did everything she could and we ended up with a win. With my case, she never guaranteed a win but she always said she would try her best. I feel that she went above and beyond and wasn’t just in it for the money. From the first meeting I could tell I made a good choice. She was direct, upfront, and let me know every obstacle we would face. Throughout the case she made it clear how she would handle each obstacle. It works best to go with her recommendations because she knows exactly what needs to be done and how she’s going to do it.”

– Tim

“Ms. Hall is wonderful and very supportive!!! She made me feel like I finally had someone in my corner. She was so understanding and NEVER judged me. It was good to have the support and respect at all times. She doesn’t let anybody intimidate her….she is very confident in what she does. I would highly recommend her serviceS to anyone. I hope I don’t need legal representation in the further…. but if I do I won’t hestitate to call her. Ms. Hall is the BEST!!!”

– Chris

“Mrs Shameka L. Hall really took the time to personally help me and not just take my money. She stood by me even when my trial was over. I would refer her again and again. She truly wants to help her clients and her actions can attest to my statement. She has the experience, the resources, and the connections — I know I made the right decision when I hired her”

– Lawrence

Lawyer Shameka Hall was honestly one of the best lawyers I have ever had experience with. Highly recommend her! – I was falsely accused of a criminal theft, and when the state of VA. began to believe the person who was accusing me, I found myself in a very precarious position. I was told of Mrs. Hall’s wonderful work ethic, her due diligence, and her ability to communicate with both her client and with those involved with the court system and the penal system. She was no nonsense the entire time from the beginning to the end. She did not take anything for granted, asked for the facts and evaluated the predicament I had found myself in. She was able to use her skills as a lawyer to make the commonwealth attorney understand how allegations levied against me were false. And, eventually, I was acquitted of wrong doing. She is a woman with good spirit, is a very hard worker and does not let anything get by her. I will highly recommend anyone in Virginia to hire her. Without a doubt, if you were looking for a great lawyer, you would be silly to consider any other person. Unless, you wish the results to be less than what you anticipate. I will always call upon her, and trust me, you should to.”

– Joseph

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