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  • Published: April 18, 2023

Getting arrested is not enjoyable for the person being accused. Laws surrounding each phase of an arrest should protect the citizen before law enforcement, but this is rarely the case. Accused persons should research the laws below to protect themselves against injustices.  Injustices happen nationwide in the United States, as seen recently in Tennessee. The citizens and their lawyers can…Read More

  • Published: April 4, 2023

Inflation is guiding us all toward more modest ways of life, altering both our budgets and behaviors.  As savings run dry, many of us are resorting to financial resources that we never thought we would have to use. Adopting this new type of lifestyle carries both benefits and consequences. Unfortunately, the new lifestyle that many Americans are adopting show growing…Read More

  • Published: December 20, 2022

Whether you employ my services or someone else’s, you certainly need an attorney for your divorce. No one should attempt to navigate divorce proceedings alone without the representation of a qualified attorney for divorce and family law. I cannot keep track of how many times a new client has come to me after attempting divorce alone, having had a negative…Read More

  • Published: December 5, 2022

When it comes to dividing marital assets and debts, the court will take into account a number of factors…. First, the monetary and non-monetary contributions of each party are considered. Next to be considered is the acquisition, care, and maintenance of the marital property. This includes considering who is making payments on the marital property as well as considering working…Read More

  • Published: December 1, 2022

Spousal support is a complex issue that varies significantly from state to state. In Virginia, the process of determining spousal support payments depends on the stage of the case. For example, if a spouse goes to juvenile and domestic relations district court to seek support, the amount of support will be calculated using a formula that takes into account factors…Read More

  • Published: December 1, 2022

Custody Throughout Virginia Divorce Proceedings Before any court makes a decision about custody and visitation, both parents have an equal say in what happens with their child. No one parent has more rights to the child than the other, if and until a court makes a final decision. If desired, either parent can file for custody and visitation at the…Read More

  • Published: June 2, 2022

Charles stands in the bathroom mirror, just staring at the reflection but not recognizing the tired, run-down shell of a man looking back at him. He is replaying Claire’s words repeatedly in his mind, “I no longer want to be married to you. I am leaving and taking the boys with me.” He remembered the pain he felt in that…Read More

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