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Let me tell you about Charles and his situation.

Charles stands in the bathroom mirror, just staring at the reflection but not recognizing the tired, run-down shell of a man looking back at him. He is replaying Claire’s words repeatedly in his mind, “I no longer want to be married to you. I am leaving and taking the boys with me.” He remembered the pain he felt in that moment. Charles couldn’t breathe and felt like a cement cinder block had just fallen on his chest. Charles was attempting to be strong in the face of those words slicing through his body like swords. But his eyes stung from trying to hold back the waterfall that was sure to come if he moved even an inch. People always said when they had a near-death experience their lives flashed before their eyes. Charles now understood that feeling. His mind was racing, reliving the last 15 years with Claire in those 30 seconds after she’d dropped this bomb on him. In those memories, they seemed so happy, to him at least. He saw the first moment that he’d laid eyes on Claire. How beautiful she was. He remembered her gliding down the aisle at their wedding. Read More

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Family Law

Family Law

Family law offers some of the most significant and complex challenges for those caught up in the field, from divorce and all its implications to mediation or pre-marital agreements. Especially if there are children involved in a situation, the Virginia courts take the situation especially seriously, making matters at hand even more difficult. However, with the right family lawyer, you can begin working towards a favorable outcome regardless of the situation.

While every situation is different and the results of a case rely heavily on the circumstances, attorney Harris takes great pride in representing her clients as though they were family. The results of a particular case cannot be definite until the final judgment is handed down. Still, with the level of dedication and experience found at Trustice, you can rest assured that you have built the best possible foundation for success.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Family Law Attorney

Many folks hold the misconception that hiring an attorney is an unnecessary or overly costly ordeal that may end up proving unsuccessful in the end anyway. However, this is not the case. With the right attorney behind you, the process you find yourself in can often be significantly simplified.
While there is a cost associated with hiring a family lawyer, the benefits of doing so far outweigh the initial cost. Whether you see a divorce looming on the horizon or the agreed to terms have been broken, and you must return to court, it is never too late to find an attorney who will fight for you every step of the way. At Trustice, we understand how difficult this time of your life can be, so don’t go it alone.

How Trustice Can Help You

Many family law matters are incredibly complex and can be overwhelming if you do not have prior experience handling issues. While representing yourself is an option, and some areas of family law may seem plausible to attempt to solve by yourself, the reality of the situation is that more often than not, many people will end up farther behind than they would have if they had retained an attorney from the beginning.

Especially in situations like divorce or child custody proceedings, even small mistakes can be incredibly costly. Particularly in those when the opposing party has retained legal counsel, and you have chosen not to, the chances of getting taken advantage of or falling victim to other disadvantages climb steeply. Therefore, to ensure you have the best possible chances at a favorable outcome, it is in your best interest to contact and begin working with an attorney as soon as possible. So call Trustice today to get started on your Richmond, VA, family law matters.

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What To Do Now


What To Do Now
Whether you need assistance with family law matters or are in a not-so-favorable position and in need of a criminal defense attorney, Trustice is ready and waiting to serve those in Central Virginia.

Attorney Shameka Harris has the necessary tools and experience to assist anyone seeking assistance with their family law or criminal justice dilemma. Since both of these situations are incredibly complex and can carry severe and lasting consequences, it is crucial to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible once you are aware of the situation.

So, call today to schedule a meeting to discuss your circumstances, the goals you have, and the options available to you to meet those goals!

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Criminal Defense


Criminal Law
Being charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, even in some of the least severe scenarios. Especially in Virginia, where criminal penalties are often harsh, and proceedings are unforgiving, attempting to represent yourself or choosing to enlist the help of a public defender can spell disaster for your case before it has even begun. However, with the assistance of a seasoned and knowledgeable criminal justice attorney in Richmond, your chances at a favorable outcome or mitigating the consequences grow drastically.

Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Often, when one is faced with being prosecuted, the district attorney or police will make it seem like hiring an attorney is unnecessary and will not help your situation. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Hiring experienced, and professional representation shows the court that you are taking this ordeal seriously and are interested in finding the most beneficial resolution possible.

Additionally, when hiring an attorney with knowledge of the courts and general rules and procedures in Richmond, VA, your case will have a better chance at being negotiated successfully in order to provide you with the most favorable terms possible.

Suppose you choose to attempt your defense independently or with an inexperienced or underperforming attorney. In that case, you risk missing out on possible chances to significantly mitigate or negotiate down the consequences you may face. However, with an attorney by your side, you can rest assured your case is in good hands, and every resource available to aid your situation will be provided.

How Trustice Can Help

With the right combination of experience and tried and proven strategies for both in and out of court, attorney Shameka Harris offers the resources necessary to support you through the entirety of the criminal justice process. Regardless of the situation, everyone deserves a fair chance, and at Trustice, we are committed to affording this opportunity to each and every client who seeks our assistance. Your rights as a citizen do not change simply because you are charged with a criminal offense, and fighting for clients’ rights is a top priority when handling your case.

It is also essential to realize that when being charged with a criminal offense, the opposing attorneys will be heavily experienced and aggressive in their attempts to convict you or force a plea bargain. Even if you wish to plea, it is still helpful to have a criminal justice attorney on your side to negotiate on your behalf and protect your rights throughout the process. Everyone deserves their fair chance in court regardless of the situation, and attorney Harris will fight tooth and nail for your rights every step of the way.

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