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My name is Shameka Harris, and I have practiced law for the last 16 years. Time has flown by, and I now have an extensive history of practicing criminal and family law. However, it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that much time from where I stand.

One common thing I see in many of my divorce cases is clients who wish they had known certain things before starting the divorce process. Unfortunately, if they had done things a bit differently, things might have progressed more smoothly. The fact is, by the time we’re in the middle of a divorce, it’s often too late to address these concerns.

To avoid future issues, I communicate frankly and candidly with my clients. I prefer not to sugarcoat things with clients because I don’t want to give them any false sense of hope. I want to make the consultation realistic for clients. Other lawyers make miraculous, nearly impossible promises to rope in a hopeful or sometimes desperate person. That’s unfair, so it’s not how I chose to operate. Instead, I sit my clients down, go through how the divorce starts, how to avoid litigation, what happens if we must go through litigation, and strategies for mitigating their financial obligations.

Many workers have turned over the responsibility of tracking finances to a stay-at-home partner. Whether it be an organic and mutual end to a marriage or whether only one party wants to divorce, there is typically confusion about how to handle finances after separation.

There are many different circumstances when it comes to separation and divorce. For instance, a client may have a partner working full-time but making much less than them. In this case, what do we do about the money? Most clients are concerned about their spouse attempting to claim a high amount of their income.  Clients are so used to trusting their spouse that it’s hard to understand that their spouse will likely tell them whatever they want to hear rather than what they are planning on doing.

Choosing The Right Attorney For YOU

About 1 in 3 times, clients already suspect that a divorce might be coming from their partner. They will frequently shop around for an attorney that is the right fit to best prepare for the separation. It’s always wise to ensure a lawyer is a right fit for you before using their services.

For instance, while I am a skilled divorce and family lawyer, I am not fit for every person who wants to get a divorce. Sometimes clients choose me because they like my personality or feel strongly that I will fight for them. All attorneys have different personalities and approaches. Some divorce lawyers are very soft-spoken, and these can still be fantastic trial attorneys. On the other hand, I am loud, boisterous, and sometimes aggressive. My strengths come across best when working aggressively as an advocate for my clients during a divorce, and many clients are seeking fierce representation.

Sometimes, it’s an instant connection, and a prospective client knows for sure that I’m their person. In other cases, someone might need a bit more convincing that they will need an attorney. They may be unsure if the divorce they suspect may happen actually will. Often, prospective clients in this area of uncertainty will return to the office once they are confident a divorce is underway.

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